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Verlod boosts business performance by providing an all-in-one communication solution. Automate replies, schedule reminders, manage multiple accounts, and more with this user-friendly tool. Trusted by hundreds of SMEs and agencies for its efficiency, time-saving features, and customer satisfaction. Reach new heights in your business with Verlod.

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A Service That Makes Automating Your Business Communication Effortless and User-Friendly!

Elevate Your Business to New Realms with Verlod – A User-Friendly Platform That Eases Communication and Offers a Host of Thrilling Features!

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Verlod is a Versatile Tool Expertly Crafted to Meet Your Business Communication Requirements. It Automates Replies, Schedules Reminders, Manages Multiple Accounts and Much More. Countless Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as Agencies, are Relying on Verlod to Enhance Their Efficiency and Cut Labor Costs!

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How Verlod helps you to grow your Business?


Bulk Messaging

Say Goodbye to Spending Hours Forwarding Messages to a Large Group. Verlod Makes it Easy to Connect with Your Audience with Its One-Click Bulk Messaging Solution!


Smart Automated Replies

Balancing Your Business and Personal Life can be Tough, Especially When You Have to Be Available 24/7. Wabot Takes Over for You. With Its Smart Automated Responses, You Can Ensure That Your Customers are Never Left Without an Answer, Allowing You to Convert Clients Even in Your Sleep.


Customer Service Chatbot

Outdated is the Practice of Hiring a Customer Support Team! The Future Belongs to AI-Based Customer Service. Verlod Provides Your Business with Sales and Support Solutions, Saving You the Cost of a Costly Support Staff.


No Expert Required

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Hiring a Professional for Integration. Verlod is Designed for Easy Integration, Allowing You to Do it Yourself with No Coding Required. Enjoy Seamless Integration with Simple and Effortless Steps.


Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Managing Multiple Customer Service Channels Can be Challenging for a Business. Wabot Simplifies the Process by Allowing You to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts through a Single Platform.


Automate Advertising

Ready to Launch a New Product or Offer an Irresistible Discount? Let Verlod Handle the Advertising for You. Save Time and Effort with Verlod Easy Advertising Solutions.


Receive WhatsApp Notification with Web Hooks

Stay Up-to-Date with All Your Important Notifications. Verlod Offers You a Reliable Web Hook System for Your Vital WhatsApp Updates.


Easy Integration with third- party apps

Maintain Your Current System Without Any Disruptions. Verlod Offers Smooth Integration with Third-Party Applications, Allowing You to Automate Your Business Effortlessly.


Send Reminders

Streamline Your Business Processes with Wabot. Focus on Acquiring New Clients, While VerlodTakes Care of Sending Scheduled Reminders and Follow-Ups.

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